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Lessons From The Cockpit

Apr 7, 2022

Welcome to episode twenty of the Lesson from the Cockpit show!

You are NEVER alone during flight. Every fighter or bomber aircrew will tell you warheads on foreheads is always a team effort. Ground weapons crews load Maverick missiles a Flight Lead directs after their wingman fires at a target called out by a Joint Terminal Attack Controller embedded with Special Forces teams. Aviators never forget scenery from the cockpit while flying, particularly at night. Night environments often require equipment changes of the latest and greatest equipment, and what better place to change out helmet visors than on the tanker's wing... at night!  In this episode, Lt Col Caroline "Blaze" Jensen tells our listeners what it's like flying the F-16 in Korea and Iraq, and how the US Air Force Demonstration Team, the world-famous Thunderbirds, choose replacements. She knows... she flew with the T-Birds for three years!

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