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Lessons From The Cockpit

Aug 25, 2022

Welcome to the thirty-eighth episode of the Lessons from the Cockpit podcast! 

Military men and women are often sworn to secrecy. Captain Royce Williams was told never to tell anyone about his November 1952. Most air engagements last less than 60 seconds. Royce fought for 35 minutes with seven RUSSSIAN MiG-15 fighter jets over North Korea. He shot down four of the MiG-15s, landing on the USS Oriskany in a snow storm with 263 holes in his F9F Panther fighter jet.

Fifty years later a Russian historian wrote about the air battle. Many are now trying to push for Royce to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. The problem is the US government will not release the evidence!

Here are two links to Royce being interviewed about his air battle over North Korea. A great two-part article was written about Royce and the November 1952 air battle on the Remembered Sky website 

These two videos put listeners in the cockpit of US fighter jets over North Korea battling MiG-15s over the Yalu River as Royce describes in this episode.

Lessons from the Cockpit podcast is supported by Wall Pilot, custom aviation art for the walls of your home, office, or hanger. Royce's F9F Panther is available in four, six, and eight-foot long images printed on vinyl which you can peel off and stick to any flat surface.

Episode II with Royce discusses his exploits as an Air Wing Commander during the Vietnam War, a meeting with President Eisenhower in Japan, and leading the Air Force's Gunnery School at Nellis AFB later this week.

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